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PadBot T1 Funding in Kickstarter

PadBot T1 is a tiny telepresence robot  , which gives you a physical presenceat home or work.

PadBot Features


Remote Control

You can control PadBot to move forward, move backward and turn around at shiftable moving speed.


Real-time Video Chat

With adjustable resolution of up to 720P, PadBot allows us to communicate through the real-time HD video chat.


Auto Answering

As long as you authorize the auto-answer account, you can control PadBot remotely without human intervention.

PadBot Series


PadBot T1

PadBot T1 is a tiny portable telepresence robot, which can bring lots of fun to your family members and friends. Having your own PadBot means you can be free to roam around anywhere.


PadBot U1

PadBot U1 serves as another copy of you, greatly enhances the experience of human communications. It brings monitoring to a whole new level, and becomes your remote home monitor.


PadBot P1

PadBot P1 is a professional telepresence robot for business use. Thanks to the eye-catching look and smooth movements, it can not only be your stand-in but also guide customers to your mall.

PadBot Videos

PadBot U1 - A Robotics Avatar


PadBot T1 - A Tiny Telepresence Robot


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